Kreg Norgaard, of Huron Building Company in Ann Arbor, Mich., designed this year’s structure to elegantly be situated in Ann Arbor’s Liberty Plaza with a gabled form and exterior patterns that mimic the tree-spiked city park. While the translucency of structures allows natural light inside the structures during daytime, artificial light illuminates structures in the evening allowing them to glow as lantern-like beacons that, even in darkness, continue to create an inviting sense of place in Liberty Plaza.

Huron Building Company | | 734-646-6165


2017 Paviliion Prototype

This pavilion is made up of one wall communicating two different situations. The first plays host to an aggregate of water balloons, an icon of summertime fun and a momentarily expendable resource are a jovial depiction of fortunate stability and care-free living. In contrast, comprised of almost identical quantities and materials hosts an aggregate of emergency water rations. These bags of water are life sustaining, and are how many have to relate to water in their day-to-day lives. A back-drop to the public activities of the plaza, the juxtaposition of vessels will offer up a moment of reflection, contemplation, and the possible spark of discourse amongst guests.

Synecdoche Design Studio | | 734-926-5593